En·gaged  (n-gjd) adj.: Committed, as to a cause.

Beowulf was founded on the idea of educating key leaders on all aspects of the defense and security industries. Through ENGAGED Magazine, Beowulf, it's contributors, and friends bring a 21st century outlook to modern problems with an insight covering changes in Defense Policy and Technology, International Politics, Law Enforcement, and Counter Piracy. 
February 2012 Edition of ENGAGED Magazine
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By Glen Forbes
As a co-founder of Forbes and Wallace Ltd, and creator of OceanusLIVE.org, Glen Forbes brings his expert knowledge of maritime piracy and lays a focus on the difference between Intelligence and Information, and its importance to those who sail the Indian Ocean in the foreword for the February 2012 issue of ENGAGED Magazine.

The Present and Future Value of Persistent Long Range Strike
By The Institute for Defense and Government Advancement and Lt. General Robert Elder, USAF (Ret.)
The evolving nature of the US’s military posture, as reflected in the recently proposed budget, has raised the profile of certain sectors of the US military while lowering others. One area that is garnering increased resources are long-range strike initiatives.

"Tell Me How it Ends"
By Arnold Lewis
Longtime Beowulf contributor Arnold Lewis explains why despite the lack of evidence that Iran even wants a nuclear weapon, many foreign policy experts and politicians continue to beat the drums of war and why a pre-emptive strike against Iranian nuclear facilities is a horrible idea.

Persian 'Cats
By Michael Durao
Six years after the U.S. Navy retired the venerable F-14 Tomcat, Beowulf Analyst Michael Durao examines the relevancy of those still in service with Iran.

Losing the Beast
By Allison Maykuth and Phil Futuyma
When the Islamic Republic News Agency, Iran’s state-run media outlet, reported in early December of 2011 that a highly advanced unmanned American drone had been shot down and captured by Iranian forces, the American media scrambled for answers. Now, Allison Maykuth and Phil Futuyama examine the current state of national security after the loss of the RQ-170 Sentinel over Iran. 

Piracy: More than a Nuisance?
By Sarah Wade
Far from cutthroat roving bands of marauders, piracy has been demoted from high seas terror to a mere nuisance. However, the numbers of attacks have increased dramatically in the past several years.  Beowulf Intern Sarah Wade highlights why as pirates are become bolder, and why there is more concern at the international level to stop piracy.

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