En·gaged  (n-gjd) adj.: Committed, as to a cause.

Beowulf was founded on the idea of educating key leaders on all aspects of the defense and security industries. Through ENGAGED Magazine, a new bi-monthly publication, Beowulf--and it's contributors and friends--brings a 21st century outlook to modern problems with an insights covering changes in Defense Technologies and Policies, International Politics, Law Enforcement, and Counter Piracy. 
Citizen, Journalist, and Elected Official Daniel de Gracia writes the foreword for the inaugural edition of ENGAGED Magazine.

The “Warship of the Future”, That Wasn’t
By Beowulf Intern Phil Futuyama
Phil Futuyama takes a quick look at the US Navy’s Littoral Combat Ship in his debut article as a Beowulf Research Intern.

The Tiger and the Dragon
By Beowulf Interns Phil Futuyama and Allison Maykuth
With the impressive rise of China and India as key players on the global stage, Beowulf Interns Allison Maykuth and Phil Futuyama take an indepth look at the future of the New East

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